How do you join the National Capital Subaru Club?

You simply need to register on our Forum and then request a membership on the website, here are the steps to do:

  1. Create a user on our forum here. If you already have a forum UserID, skip to step 2.
  2. Now that you have a User on our forum, you will need it to create your NCSC Membership by clicking on the "LOGIN" link on the left menu of this page. enter your forum User-ID and Password and click the "REGISTER" link on the left menu.
  3. Fill in your personal information (we need this to send you your membership card) then follow the instructions for payment (we accept Paypal only).
  4. Once you complete the process, and payment is received, your status will be changed to "Official member" and you will have access to all the NCSC member privileges.

For any Questions or Comments, you can reach us using our contact page.

What does it cost to become a member?

Membership fees are $25/year. If we receive your membership application on January 12th, your membership will start on Januearu 12th till January 11 of the follwoing year. Please note that membership cards and access is done twice a month.

What are the benefits of joining NCSC?

If you choose to become an NCSC, we have 3 major types of benefits;

  1. Benefits of club pricing at our sponsors
  2. NCSC tool program
  3. Accessto NCSC member only section of our Forum

Benefits of our Club Sponsors

Please note: Club members must show proof of their NCSC membership when requesting for various discounts. This can be done by showing your NCSC membership card or membership letter.

Through the Subaru dealerships, our members receive the following discounts:

  • Ogilvie Motors: 10% off parts and labour (excluding oil changes)
  • Subaru Outaouis: 10% off parts and labour, (excluding oil changes and aftermarket parts and motul oils)
  • Otto's Subaru: 10% off parts and labour (excluding oil changes)
  • Subaru Lachute: 15% off OEM parts (excluding aftermarket parts)

Through our other vendors, members will receive the following rebates:

  1. Benson AutoParts is our main supplier for car replacement parts. Each member will be provided with the account number which can mean significant savings over list prices. This discount isn't a fixed rate but varies depending on the parts ordered.
  2. Trackwerks is another great car parts supplier in which they also can source out some aftermarket parts for our Subaru cars.
  3. Lachute Performance is another great car parts supplier in which they also can source out some aftermarket parts for our Subaru cars as well as maintain your Subaru.
  4. Prolightz (which are local to the Ottawa region, in Gatineau) offer all your lighting needs for your Subaru.
  5. Bully Performance Clutches (which are local to Ottawa region – great bonus!) offers club members 20% discount off their listed prices.
  6. And more!

We have club member pricing at the following vendors:

  • General Auto Glass
  • Krown Rustproofing (Stittsville / St-Catherine locations)
  • Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists - Ottawa
  • Mortgage Alliance Ottawa - Geoff Chislett

NCSC tool program

Through the club, we started a tool program. The club found a need since some tools are specialty items which a member might use once or twice. This way, all members have access to the tools. We are always expanding our tool inventory. We have in the club the following tools at the members' disposal.

  • OBD2 readers, Wideband O2 datalogger, O2 sensor remover
  • Electronic Camber/Castor Gauge
  • Air Compressor and Air tools
  • Brake Bleeder (Vacula) (in conjuction with air compressor)
  • 10'x10' Canopy Tent
  • Ball Joint remover, T70 torx, etc
  • Fender Roller
  • And more!

If you would like the club to approach a specific company or a service, please email us with your suggestions on our contact page.